Top 8 Tricks of PHP Web Development

There are so many tricks that can enhance the performance of your PHP web application. Although these tricks do not increase the speed of applications but they help in increasing their performance. It also gives you a fair view of the internal working of PHP which provides you the facility to write code for the execution Zend Engine in lenient optimal fashion.

  1. Less Use of Printf: Printf is a code used in the PHP web development programming for the production of output according to the format entered or a formatted string. It slowdowns the execution of the program because of some reasons related to multitude. So the use of Printf() should be avoided unless it is very important to use its functionality.
  2. Single Quotes Are Better Than Double Quotes: Both of these quotes have different functionalities. Single quotes (- ‘) mean you want the program to print the statement or anything which lies between them, and double quotes (- -) mean that you want the code to check the variable. The use of double quotes (- -) provides the same output as the single quotes (- ‘) but increases the processing time. So, single quotes should be used instead of double quotes as more as possible.
  3. Arrays for Accessing: The arrays are seven times more accessible than the objects so they should be used for higher accessibility and performance.
  4. Every Data Structure Should Not Be Implemented as a Class: The data structures, in the case of OOPS, are very efficient but when it is about the PHP development language, the each method and the object call consumes too much of memory. So, the data structure should be implemented as an array rather than the class.
  5. Methods in Derived Classes: The methods defined in derived classes run faster than the methods defined in the base classes.
  6. Functions Inside Loops Should Be Avoided: It is better to use the function outside the loop rather than the functions inside the loop. Because using the functions inside the loop makes the function called every time that loop in processed.
  7. Use Echo’s Multiple Parameters: The use of echo’s multiple parameters is better than that of string concatenation. It slightly increases the processing speed and the performance of the program.
  8. Error suppression: Do not suppress your errors with @; it will make the program slower.