The History Of Web Hosting Services

A few days back I was on the internet and searching for something important that I needed instantly. After a long run I got it, but in between the search, I cursed the web hosting companies several times. I asked myself with anger “Where did these hosting services come from?” “Can’t they host a single website that contains my search term?”
When I calmed down this question was continuously running in my mind “Really! Where did these hosting services come from?” “What is the history of web hosting?” It was really a nice idea of getting the answer from the internet. So I went through several sites and collected some information that I am going to share with you all. Here, I am with the answer to my question.

History of web hosting The history of web hosting is directly related to the history of internet. In fact, prior to 1991 the internet did not exist so did web hosting. The internet at present contains more than 50 million websites. Today these websites have become the biggest and cheapest source of communication. All of which are web hosted with any of the hosting company. We even can’t imagine the existence of internet without these websites. What would people search for? Where would they look for their query?

The invention of internet has travelled a long way. Because of being technically most revolutionary invention, internet is debatably more impactful than the invention of any other informational machine. The idea started growing-up nearly 50 years ago. The very first person who thought about internet was J.C.R Licklider. He mentioned on many papers about a wide network of connected computers to access the data and information on all the computers in the network.

Here starts the history of web hosting. The very first computer was invented in 1965 by Thomas Merril and Lawrence Roberts. In 1969 they invented the first computer network by linking computers located at the University of California, the University of Utah and the Stanford Research Institute. In this way they became the first web hosts.

After this decade, the Telenet ‘was created, which formed the basis of the first commercial ISP (Internet service provider). During the next 15 years there was a huge increase in Internet development, but until then had trade restrictions on the Internet. In 1991 the National Science Foundation lifted trade restrictions on the Internet. That allowed the growing industry to believe that future profits could be made especially in the fields of web hosting and commerce. So from here, “Hosting Web History” had well and truly begun. People started believing that internet can provide an incomparable amount of knowledge and information than any other media. Further they started looking it as another source for their commercial activities and communication. This thought brought it forward as electronic commerce (e-commerce) option. This was an amazing opportunity to blast businesses at a wide level. The web pages were built so that anyone could access the information regarding services and products.

Initially web hosting services were very costly and unaffordable. Different web hosting providers & new technologies made it is cheaper and easier to access these web pages anywhere. Not only cheaper cost, but there are thousands of hosts who provide web hosting for free. At present, no one is unknown with the countless advantages of web hosting services. Today, almost anyone who has minimal idea of internet can venture into web hosting. One can get free hosting or paid hosting with several features, it depends on the requirement. So we can see that web hosting has improved itself with thousands of features & technologies and has become more affordable since its birth.