Why Good Web Design Matters: 3 Keys to Good Web Design

There are a million different ways to create a website these days, but many of them will leave the organization that is creating the website no better off when it is all said and done. The reason that is true is because good web design is an integral piece of creating a website that gets results. There is one statistic that seems to resonate with having a great design. A Stanford University study found that you have 7 seconds to give a website user the information they are looking for, or they will bounce off of your site. If you think about it that is not a lot of time to help the user find the information they are looking for. Here are several keys to a great website design.

    • Layout. The site has to be laid out in a way that makes sense to a first time user and also allows them to find information quickly. Hierarchy is a term that is used in the web design world to define how people view a website and determines what the designer wants the end user to see as the most important part of the site. I have seen many sites that emphasize the wrong things simply because the layout is not done correctly.
    • Interactivity. When people have a chance to interact on your site it is huge. It will help them stay connected with your site but will also bring them back to visit the site later. A website that lacks interactivity will leave users wanting for more and will also ensure they leave your site quickly.
    • Great Graphic Design. If you do not have ability in graphic arts and you are trying to build a website, you are almost assured to have a web presence that will not help you get results. Great websites have great graphics. If you want to get results with your site, you need to have a professional help you with the graphics. Not having a professional help you with graphics is a lot like trying to draw up a blueprint for a new house without using the expertise of an architect.

So what is all of this trying to say? Websites that get results are not websites that happen overnight with little forethought, planning, or resources allocated to them. They are sites that focus on these keys to create a strong online presence for your business.

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