Web Design Tips

To make it easier when coming up with your website here are just a few simple, but important web design tips.

Although when considering web design many people don’t take into account the URL, it can be described as a very useful tip. This is due to you want a URL that’s easy for your clients and prospective clients to remember. You also want to use keywords that are relevant aimed at your website so that search engines can purchase it more easily, which in turn can boost your rankings on yahoo and bring you more clients. Not only is this relevant in the URL but also in the main page and subsequent pages it’s possible you’ll create as well.

When designing the home page of your web site try to think as if you were a client or maybe a potential client that has found your site. When designing your home page put the most crucial information near the the top page, users doesn’t want to search around to uncover the information they are in need of. This correlates to another website development tip – keep your web pages load fast, in today’s society we are used to getting information in an instant. If your site has too many graphics and other items which can slow down your loading time then many users will just skip it and search somewhere else. Use pictures and style to catch their attention but don’t over do it at the expense of loading circumstances.

A major tip which may sound very simple, but is often over looked is to check your site before the idea goes live. You don’t want users to get frustrated and leave due to mistakes you’ve made. Before posting your websites check out any backlinks, either to your secondary pages in order to others, to make sure they work. Also glance at the overall page, is almost everything readable? Make sure the fonts are generally clear and large enough to remain easily read. Double examine your spelling and syntax, it’s a small thing but for some users this can help make their decision as to whether or not they want to stay on the site. Once you have checked it, perhaps perform a soft launch and ask friends and colleagues to check it as well, often many of us are not good at checking our personal work!

Of course the key design ingredient ‘creativity and flair’ is incredibly difficult to teach.
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