Web Design – The Making Of A Successful Website

There are websites and then there are successful websites. The difference between the two is that successful websites are pleasing to the eye, functional, user-friendly and serve their purpose. Web designing is an art – an art that is worked on, on several different levels, layer by layer, to finally emerge as the perfect web design.

The first step in web designing is identifying the purpose of the site. A web designer must first find out why a website is being set up in the first place. Is it to promote a product, service or company? Is it to share articles? Is it to be used to build an email list? Is it to be used to educate readers? There are several ways a website can function and there are several reasons behind why a website is created. Whatever the reason may be, it is this reason that will be the foundation or the building block of the website.

Researching other companies and websites that offer what this website is going to offer is the next step. The competition is tremendous on the Internet and for a website to function successfully, it has to be unique. Researching gives the web designer a chance to find out if there is something new that could be added to this website that the competitors have missed out on, thereby giving this website an advantage over the competitors.

Using all the material collected so far, a very basic site map is drawn out. This is very much like a blueprint that is drawn out for a building. Changes that need to be made are rectified at this stage. Once the site map is approved of, the actual web designing begins.

It is now time to breathe in a little life into the website by coding it to make it functional. These codes are written along the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and embedded into the templates that will be used for the website. The templates that are now coded are then run through as many browsers as possible to make sure they are accepted and function properly in all these browsers since each of these browsers will read and interpret this website in its own unique way.

The exciting part now begins. The content which includes text, pictures, fonts and colors are inserted into the website. These need to be approved of by the client. Any changes in the content need to be done now before the website goes up for further testing on a test server.

The last stage, before it goes live, is to test it further on a server to make sure the entire website is functional. Once approved of over here, the website is ready to go live.

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