The Positives And Negatives Of Cheap Web Design

The definition of ‘cheap web design’ could mean various things to different people. If ‘cheap’ meant virtually for nothing it is probably not worth having unless useful for affirmation applications only. If ‘cheap’ meant good value for money, consider it. If ‘cheap’ meant cost effective, it sounds a whole lot better.

Cheap web design suggests the exact same, like in Chinese ‘cheap’ it’s usually not worth having, because successful web design has to mould to certain guide lines and requirements to feature anywhere on search engine ratings worth having. To adapt to such rules and criteria require talent, practical knowledge and training. These three essential elements don’t and can’t come cheap, so how could a cheap web design be possible by any specialist, unless it was done for a non-profit cause, in which instance it may as well have been done for free? If you were a one man show and needed further credibility, a cheap web site for reference purposes (to would be customers)could possibly be justified, but no other reason for a cheap website makes any sense. One of the goals of a internet site is to attract the attention of search engines like google that operate under requirements which are not likely to spot or take much notice of a website lacking such key elements due to cheapness of design or any other grounds for that matter. Part of these standards required by search engines like google revolve around the use of proper words (keywords) and it is unlikely that “cheap web design” could always be linked to “good web design”.

Web site design necessitates a number of skills along with experience of seemingly unrelated fields. The very first skill and experience prerequisite is that of understanding the criteria and the algorithm under which the different search engines like google operate. This really is critical, because in the end the website will be at the mercy of the scrutiny of the search engines like yahoo regarding acknowledgement as being a powerful web site. If it makes the grade, the site will receive positive ratings and regularly, with management, feature in the top page or top three positions on the displayed search results page. If the site failed to attract the attention of the search engines it will expire in the heap of forgettable websites that exist by the thousands and thousands.

The web designer additionally have to have skills in design software, graphic design, effective copy writing, marketing and layout techniques as well as a good knowledge of the user software requirements and the main coding. The web designer will be acutely aware of the need for words, both keywords and phrases as well as ‘strong words’ also as descriptions of any graphics or illustrations. The wed designer will be aux fait with the fact that the various search engines don’t respond in any way to movie clippings, illustrations and other visuals, only words. The web designer will also comprehend the value of learning the intended reason for the web, the nature of the customer and an idea of the market place the website is intended for.

You are most likely only to get what you pay for. Make absolutely certain that cheap web design equals affordable web design, and not poor quality web design.

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