The great Web Design Technologies out there

Good web design is an integral part of search engine optimization. The effective use of elements like flash and pictures, ensures that keyword-enriched written content, which is an important aspect of seo, is not affected.

There are various web design technologies currently being used by designers around the world.

XHTML and others

XHTML is a front-end web building technology that creates a frame for the content, enabling design and other elements to fit in. Approaching this technology with the right attitude is very essential. Web spiders read through HTML code just like how they would crawl through content. If the code has too much junk, then it would be hard for the Spider to index properly. XHTML has to be approached much the way seo content would be approached.


This is a universal web design programming language that is widely used by webmasters.

Up until a few years ago, Search spiders couldn’t crawl through Java effectively. Which is why, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Java, there is still a lot of misinformation. A seo company offering professional seo services will not ask businesses to forsake Java for better rankings. These days, SEO friendly Java sites can be built. Because the effects of Java are quite aesthetically pleasing, it works well for the image of the business too.


The open-source nature of PHP and MySQL have not only made these technologies popular but has also led to constant evolution of the products. Over the last few years, they have been used to develop numerous websites, many of them have been part of search engine optimization projects.


CMS-based design technologies leave it up to the website owner to maintain and update the site. Of course, this is not necessary, as a seo company will offer this as part of their SEO Services, but CMS gives web-owners the options and that is why they’re quite popular these days.

Because using CMS effectively is a good way to boost page rank, using the services of a seo company may be a good idea.

Web design and content cannot be separated from each other. A couple of years ago, those with seo-savvy techniques used to keep their design minimal and try to get higher page rankings based purely on content enriched with keywords. However, along with design technologies, Search spiders have also evolved. Thus, a whole range of web technologies can be deployed to create a beautiful yet search-optimized website. Working with a SEO Company expert could immensely benefit businesses that desire a balance of user-friendly, aesthetic design and seo-optimized content.

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