Sleeklogos’ Review New Vs. Old Web Design Trends

Once, when the Internet was young and webpages were all bare-skinned HTML, people are just too amazed to care about web design. But this is not the case today, when we go ballistic with a 10-second delay in page loading. Things changed. And so web design adapts.

Now, we’re officially citizens of the digital age and developers are not thinking analog anymore. Sleeklogos reviews the design trends that evolved through the decade:

1.Putting Margins vs. Full Page View

Gone are the days when designers are thinking that the viewers visions and focus are limited to a certain margin at the center. Some years ago, all good websites have a common denominator: that legendary gray area at the extreme left and extreme right of the page, and a lot of divisions of course. But today, were learning something different.

Just as a full view of the Himalaya would be more stunning than an obstructed view of it, seeing the design in full would produce a stunning effect to the viewer. Full page views can make the site look more real and more comfortable.

2.Realistic vs. Flat Colors

A decade ago, graphic designers are using Skeuomorphic elements design members that are made to imitate analog objects. These elements are designed to make the user comfortable with the interface of the site. Thus, they use realistic colors in an effort to create a user-friendly page.

But today we have a different story: everyone is comfortable dealing with screens and the pixel stuff. So now that the users are less analog and more digital-oriented, flat, eye-candy colors are becoming a trend in the Web. These flat colors do not only provide ease of recognition, but also a sense of modernity.

3.Long Scrolling Pages vs. Keeping it Above the Fold

Another form of limiting the viewers vision, old designs are always keeping the important points always above the fold. At some point of the screen (and thats not the bottom), you have to scroll down in order to be comfortable reading the next line thats why old designers make sure that the scroll bar is not too long.

That is, until some discovered that a very long scroller would create an interactive effect to the reader. People find it more convenient to roll the mouse than to click and wait for the next page to load.

4.Content vs. Minimalism

It is a known fact that people dont enjoy reading long texts. But the difficulty of reading is amplified by the glaring screens when they read from the web. Thus, modern designers are stashing paragraphs and turning to minimalism.

Sleeklogos reviews that making the text a bit bigger and a lot shorter can benefit your viewers. Who knows, they might return the favor to your site.

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