Layout Design Web / Blog interesting with CSS

CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) used by web designers to set the style elements together in a web, ranging from making layouts, adjust colors, fonts, text, and much more. CSS development itself fairly quickly, beginning in 1996 launched CSS, CSS2 introduced later in the year 1998, then in 2000 to the present we are familiar with CSS3. Unfortunately at the moment only CSS2 is still supported by most web browsers are CSS3 only partially supported web browsers.
Div Division stands which means an HTML tag to make a particular section or group with the aim of classifying an HTML file into several parts according to its place in order to facilitate the pememberian style in every part. Examples of writing <div> …. </ div>
In making web layout / blog, a very important thing to note is the theme of the web / blog itself, so that we can customize the theme and zoom. In general, a web index consists of: wrapper (entire contents), header, menu, sidebar, content, and footer. Das Megabeitrag gesetz von gay-lussacin einem abgeschlossenen wohn- oder arbeitsraum herrscht der jeweilige luftdruck, der sich nur in geringen grenzen verändert

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