Characteristics of software

Software is essential in a system for various purposes like adding something to do something more than what a system is capable of doing and the things which we prefer often to get it used like daily use or which is very vital for us. Software quality triangle should be satisfied to get fulfilled software the characteristics include the division like

  • Operational characteristics
  • Transition characteristics
  • Revision characteristics

These can also be said to be the essentialities to maintain or run a company smoothly with less labor force. In this the operational characteristics should contain more security and safety, it should be easy to use because there is not a compulsion like only the people who know about the technology will use it many usual people can also use it so it is very essential to be easy o use and understandable. The quality should be good and mostly operationalcharacteristics only will be noted by the business people to buy the software and the HVAC Software is he one which satisfies most of the organization’s need which makes it comfortable for the employees o work with it. The work that is interior in the organization like managing the schedules for more than one people or to schedule work in proper proportion to all the people based on their position is also essential. Transition characteristics are also important in order to know about the flexibility of the software and the capacity to transfer the data from one place to another place and the way we use it or how to use the software will also be provided in detail. Transferability and portability defines he flexibility of the software in relation to the platform it works or it runs. He software have the capacity to extend which shows the improvement in the software.

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