Essential Skills Or Abilities Of Web Designers

A professional web designer should have a host of abilities or skills which need to be upgraded from time to time. The professional web design services provider should have intensive research skills, listening skills, self-learning ability and SEO knowledge. But, why? Go through the article to explore the reasons.

Interface space management is what a web designer should excel at. It is as important as space management in newspapers and magazines. Space on the interface of a website is divided between design and content, just as it is distributed between pictures and content in newspapers. In website design, space should not be crowded or congested with either images or text. In newspapers, space is the most precious commodity which is utilized to the max. A good web designer should have a keen eye to dealing with the interface space aesthetically and treating it commercially. Effective interface space management accentuates brand communication.

Research and investigation
Any creative work is valued only if it is unique and appeals. Similarly, a website is expected to have unique look and feel. A website should be designed following a research on various aspects from various angles. A research on effectiveness of the latest trends and techniques is a practical approach to web design. Research is followed by investigation into a specific niche categorizing websites serving the same purpose under a class. How do other websites in that niche look? What is fetching visitors to the sites? How appealing is their interface? An investigation on these issues helps web designers not only design a new website uniquely but also make it better than the rest.

Listening skill
Take a comprehensive approach to design a website. Listening to the client and what he needs is the most essential requirement. A mutual understanding between you and the client results when the clients purpose and what the site is aimed to achieve is clear to you. Professional web designers are supposed to create websites focusing on the goals defined or set by the client. Make a list of questions to be answered by the client. It a much-practiced way to drag important details out of the client. Based on the details, you can identify the main purpose.

Self learning
Web design is an ever-changing field much like fashion. It is a sphere of creativity, and creativity is never stagnant. Continual self-learning or self development or skill development is the key to help you walk on a straight track towards achieving the challenging goals. Web design is a concoction of visual design, coding, technology, psychology, and human factors. With the ups and downs in the graph of these factors, web design is a changing phenomenon. Professional web designers keep learning on those factors to update their web design services as per the improvements in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization
Web design and SEO are tuned with each other these days. If website is not search engine friendly in design, it does not come up in search engine results. The design structure should be designed in such a way as to help search engine bots navigate through the site. A search engine friendly website has to be user friendly. A user friendly website has complete menu bar, smooth navigation, attractive call to action and suitable images. Web design services should come with SEO knowledge.

What To Consider When Choosing Animation & Rich Media In Web Design

The use of special effects on web pages has literally exploded. Special effects are used either to draw potential client’s attention to a web site or to show off technical expertise. However, many web site designers, graphic designers, and programmers, or HTML “newbie’s” often use special effects without considering how their target audience will react to them. Ultimately, using advanced technology can alienate the very customers designers are trying to attract because they want their web site to look “cool.”

BEFORE you add any special effects to your web site, especially your home page, is your site easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to find, consistent/coherent in design, and quick to download? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then adding special effects to your web site can be a good idea.

Special effects add to a web site’s download time, and you don’t want potential customers clicking off your site before viewing its content because you wanted “cool” effects on your web pages.

Some special effects require a plug-in. Here’s a typical scenario. Let’s say that some of your visitors do not have the plug-in required to hear the sound. Again, before they see the content of your site, they’re probably going to see a pop-up asking them if they want to download the plug-in. Do you want your potential customers to see that pop-up right away? Or do you want them to see your products and/or services that they are searching for? If visiting your site means potential clients will have to download a plug-in first in order to view your site, products and/or services, they will probably continue to navigate your site. It means that you were thinking more of your corporate image than of your potential customers.

Some special effects, such as animation and music, might be cute and impressive at first. However, after the initial impact, it can become irritating. So irritating, in fact, that some people actually unplug the speakers to their computers.

To show design, technical, or programming talent, we recommend dividing your site into individual pages that showcase one particular talent per page. Doing this can greatly increase your pages’ download speed, and your visitors will know what to expect when they go to a special effects page. An added bonus to this layout is that you can code (meta-tag, descriptive titles, etc.) and promote each talent page differently (i.e. emphasis on different keywords), possibly resulting in better, targeted traffic to your site.

Future Logo Trends

Design of logos has become an art form and is considered important, since the success or failure of a business depends on the company logos design. But design trends change with time, as the companies evolve the logos must reflect that evolution. A very good example of the evolution of a logo design is Apples logo. This type of evolution requires some of the best logo designers who could identify the current logo trends and help a company to amalgamate the new treads into the already existing design. The year 2010 has had it fair share of trends, and 2011 has already started knocking on our doors.

Below is a brief list of trends that I think would be in vogue in 2011. Go through them as they could be the trends to look out for next year.

Abstract Logos – Yes, this is big today and is going to be even bigger in the future. Design of logos with hidden messages is an art and everybody will sit up and take notice of this style.

Shadow based company logos design – Every business wants to attract attention and these cool umbrageous designs would necessitate the observer to take the second look.

3D Logos – The wait is finally over, and a logo design job with 3d animation is the next big thing to come out in 2011.

Minimal designs – These days best logo designers are the people who use minimalistic design elements in their work as it is considered striking, and has a better impact. Minimal designs tend to stand out among the sea of over-the-top designs.

Environment friendly logos – This might sound odd but companies are doing it and would increase the use of green logo designs to showcase their environmental commitment.

Search Engine Considerations To Maximize Profits

Search engines are valuable since they bridge the gap between web pages and web users. It is inconceivable to imagine the Web world without search engines. More and more businesses are designing their websites keeping search engine considerations in mind. Your site has to be search engine friendly for you to reap maximum search engine results. Search engine optimization is an integral part of website design and development. Search engine ranking plays a pivotal role in generating traffic to your site.

Search engine results are paramount to the success of your website. The importance of search engine results cannot be undermined. Search engine ranking has assumed more importance than ever. Most new visitors come to your site through a search engine. The technical aspects behind search engine optimization need to be taken care of. Search engines look at text. You need to analyze your website and study your target audience to determine important keywords to attract people to your site. Improving search engine rankings of your website is important. The higher the ranking, the better it is for you. It will lead to increased brand awareness and interaction with your users. You can actually convert these users into potential paying customers. It makes sense to hire an Internet Solutions company to increase your online presence.

Incidentally, there are some credible Internet Solution companies who can help Irish businesses maximize their potential through the Internet. They will actively work with your company to identify areas in which your business can benefit from the Internet. Since each business situation is unique, each business requires a unique solution. As a matter of fact, more and more companies are hiring website development professionals to maximize profits. These professionals well understand website marketing and SEO strategies. A Web development company will create a search engine friendly website for you. This in turn will boost traffic to your website and improve your search results. The more the users, the more they will know about your products and services.

The right web design can enhance your search engine results. Choosing the right web design firm is extremely important. It can make or break your business. The right firm will help you command a powerful presence on the World Wide Web. It can dramatically increase your web presence. Nowadays suppliers, customers and even potential investors form a first impression from your companys web presence. A simple search for web design Cork will lead you to the best website designers and SEO Experts in Ireland. They are adept at web designing, website development and search engine optimization. They will take care of keyword density, keyword spamming and other search engine considerations.

Has your website been up for a while? Is it not bringing you the desired amount of traffic? Hiring a web consultant is ideal in a scenario like this. Web consulting services are fast becoming popular. You can address all your technical issues to the web consultant. He will improve your website navigation and take care of article submission and back links as well.

How Visitors See Your Web Design Part I

Web design isn’t just about the style of your website. It isn’t just about cool graphics and special effects. In fact, for most businesses these are inconsequential matters only designed to attract certain demographics in very specific markets. True web design must focus on the user experience, which includes a number of factors that most people don’t think about when they think of web design. These factors include the loading time of the page, the page navigation, contextual relevance, SEO, and most importantly – conversion points. Without all of these items integrated as a seamless application across one website, even award-winning styles and custom layouts won’t bring any traffic or conversions to your site. The following explains what the visitors to your website are looking for and why each is so important.

It’s not just people that surf the web. Specialized software programs called spiders and bots also surf the internet, looking for and indexing pieces of information. The most important of these bots are those that are sent out by search engines – especially that major ones like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The job of these bots is to catalogue the web, and when they visit your site that are looking at – and measuring – specific items that must be addressed as an integral part of any web design strategy:

Loading time of your site’s pages

The moment a search bot arrives at your web page it begins recording calculations, and the first of these is the loading time of your page. The faster your page loads, the better. Unfortunately, this is one of the most overlooked parts of web design. Page loading time tells the search bots what the user experience will be like on your site and this is factored into your rankings for the key terms related to your business.

On-page optimization

The keywords, meta data, titles, page descriptions, post descriptions, tags, categories, image and video descriptions and everything else that can have text entered into it is viewed and categorized by search bots. All of these items are run through an algorithm that basically seeks to establish what the website is about, and if it is representing itself appropriately.

Page and site navigation features and function

Search bots are like real human users in that they will scan your navigation links and follow them, spidering off deeper into your site. Your web design must create a navigation system that is simple, self-explanatory, easy to find and fast.


The links on your site are important and will be reviewed and possibly indexed by bots. Therefore, it’s critical that you only link to relevant sites when necessary, and that your own site’s pages and posts are both heavily interlinked. Site interlinking tells search bots a lot about your site.

In How Visitors See Your Web Design Part II, we’ll discuss the other side of this issue: human visitors. In many cases the information looked at by humans and search bots when they visit a website are nearly identical. But if you need help integrating these features into your web design now, simply use the links below to get started.