How To Make Svg And Adobe Photoshop Friends Forever.

Those, who have ever been interested in web technologies and web design, should definitely understand all the advantages of vector graphics. No, not Flash, not now at least, please! Of course there are only few vector graphics formats, and Flash is probably the most widespread, but sometimes it isn’t the best choice.

Probably, you have already understood, what I’m talking about. No? Then I’ll give you a few more hints: it is royalty-free open standard; it builds upon many other successful standards such as XML, JPEG and PNG for image formats, DOM for scripting and interactivity, SMIL for animation and CSS for styling; using it, application developers are not tied to one particular implementation, vendor or authoring tool. You are right, I’m talking about SVG.

Continuing our quiz, here is the second question. What is one of most useful and powerful tool for raster image editing and creating, which is so widely used among web developers. You are right again it is Photoshop. Yep, it is not a joke – photography tool is being used for web images. I’ve seen this many times.

Now, when we all have become imbued with the benefits of SVG and Photoshop, why not try to use them together? The effect must be stunning…Nothing of the kind. Photoshop has nothing in common with vector graphics, it doesn’t support SVG, right?

If you search the web, you’ll easily find different lessons and tutorials, which will explain how to create different effects, available in Photoshop, just with SVG; how nice-looking figures are better created with the help of SVG, rather then raster image editors; how to use Batik server an so on. If you have a lot of spare time to solve problems, probably it will do. One more problem is, that when you have your shiny SVG image created, and you need to convert it to PNG, for example, you need a converter. But if you need the work to be done quickly you need a simple and complex solution.

Here I’d like to tell you about the tool, which will give you possibility to combine all the advantages of Adobe Photoshop and SVG file format. Go to and you’ll find there a set of plug-ins, called SVG kit for Adobe Creative Suite. Now you can work with SVG images like with every other ones. Just import the image and let yourself and Photoshop work as always. The image will be converted to PSD on the fly. Moreover, the image will be automatically split into layers, according to its content. That means, that all the parts (like text, figures, etc.) will be moved to different layers, to make your work even more convenient.

Now you can search for all this web tutorials once again, look through them… and afford yourself a smile.

Top Tips For Attorney Website Design

business. This is because people are quickly attracted to a good high quality web design. Plus more people are going to trust a website that has this high quality design Attorney website design is just as important as web design is for any other which makes it more authentic.

It is not going to matter what type of business you have. There are websites out there for all types including those who are engineers, doctors, insurance agents, and lawyers. Most lawyers do not know a think about web design or how to be able to run their own website. This is not a problem because they can easily hire someone who can take care of all of the details for them. However it is still a good idea to know and understand the basics of attorney website design. The main thing that lawyers should know is how you can easily generate the most traffic to your website once it is up and running. The best choice for this is to learn about SEO for lawyers.

Of course there are some other things that you have to know and watch for like that the website is different from those where you can purchase different products or services. You want to make sure if you use a template that you are not using one that is meant to set up an online store. Even though you are providing services as a lawyer it is highly unlikely that you will be performing those services for someone online so you are not going to need to set up a website that is going to sell your services. Instead you will want a website that is going to be informative and offer the information that is needed for you to be able to advertise what legal services you offer.

The interface of a professional website should be very simple. This is so that you can easily navigate the website and find the information that you are looking for. You want to make sure that people who are visiting the website get clear information about what they are looking for. It is not going to be important that you have a website that is flashy or offers a variety of technical aspects because no one that is searching on there is going to care about this stuff.

Once the website has been designed you will find that most of your work is finished. There are still some additional things that you can do to help attract visitors to the website so that you can get the most traffic. One of these is that you want to make sure that you are using SEO for lawyers. SEO is search engine optimization and it means that you will use keywords in the web content that are going to help search engines to find the website when people key in certain searches. This is going to help your website to be found since there are so many websites for lawyers out there today.

Creative Web Design Services For Most Clickable Banners

The more banners are attractive in design, the more they draw clicks. Since the beginning, banners have been an integral part of the online ad world. Only creativity and innovation with professional touches matter in the advertising field – online or offline. Copywriters and advertisers are always on the lookout for banners with compelling and clickable designs. If you are running an advertising firm, hire creative web design services to get powerful banners designed.

Creative design is the best advertising solution

If yours is a non-commercial website, then webpage advertising through banners is the chief source of revenue. Banners advertising products or services should be attractive to the core drawing attention from all around. How to make a banner clickable is a question. Copywriters are always on the lookout for new ways to pique visitors interest in their banners. Creative design with professional look and feel is the best solution catered by professional web designers who are versed with the marketing language.

Simplicity is the best policy

Simplicity is the best means of attraction. Simplicity in the look and feel of website design is much preferred these days. Dull theme and light color shades do not help achieve simplicity. Simplicity is about sophistication that is achieved through the harmonious combination of suitable themes and colors. Simplicity in design is the key to Googles success in AdWords advertising. Complex design often repels visitors.

Interactive banner is a fashion of the time

Interactive banners are in fashion these days. Flash is the most interactive design technology used to develop different inviting banner types that visitors feel compelled to click. The design of banners should be a call to action. The call to action features can be integrated to banners in creative ways. However, the banners should be in consistence with the webpage content. Banners and webpage content have their own purposes. Visitors often feel drawn to banners at the top of a website, neglecting the web content. That is why most webmasters do not say a yes to overly interactive banners.

Color fashion in banner design

Banner designers think out different design ideas and try those to be different in their creations. Color combination is a most creative aspect of banner design. Black-and-white combination has recently been a trend in banner design fashion. However, the combination of blue and yellow is the most impactful in this section of banner design as per research. After all, making a difference in banner design to make it look appealing is the idea to implement. Here lies the value of web design services.

Role of creative thinking in banner design

Creative thinking is the root of all ideas. And, ideas for banner design are generated by creative thinking. A web designer with specialization in banner design should have creative bent of mind so that he can think out of the box, and create out of the range. The way they conceptualize banner designs should be a departure from traditional thought patterns. Banner designs with creativity and commerce in a blend can better and easily be monetized.

Free Clip Art Role In Your Graphic Design And Web Design

Clip art is found under different categories; it is up to you to decide on the clip art that is best for your website and product. You of course, should choose, and use clip art that is associated with the product or service you offer on the website. There is no point of choosing clip art associated with stationery if your website is one about automobiles and their parts. Remember, the clip art is meant to create a little visual stimulation to your website, while help in communicating your ideas to your readers. With the use of the wrong clip art, the clip art may in fact prove to be disadvantageous and not advantageous to your website!

With a clip art, you can actually speak more than a million words can say. You can depict whatever message you want to propagate through your website by means of clip art. So sometimes, it proves to be much more beneficial using clip art than a few pages of content on the website! Moreover, with the inclusion of clip art in your web page and website, you can include some humor, emotion or irony in your message. There are some images in clip art that if used correctly, can relay some irony or humor in your message that could not be achieved through words.

Of course, the greatest advantage of using clip art in graphic design is that just about anyone can use it. There is no need of you being a graphic artist to design sharp images. All you have to know is how to use the computer and the internet wherein you can produce images that may surpass some images the best in graphic designing may create.

If you use too large a clip art, the page may take a longer time to download. This is why it is better to choose just the right amount of clip art for your website as this will produce just the right amount of humor, interest or irony in the minds of the people who visit your website.

Difference Between Web1.0, Web2.0 And Web3.0

After the invention of World Wide Web the idea behind the technology has been absolutely changed. It opens the new way to see the world through internet. It makes our day to day life easier in all around. We can easily operate our business globally. We can join a MNC and able to work from home easily.
Web1.0: In the beginning of web the information published in a static form well designed with the text and images. The main features of web w.1.0 are hyper-linking and bookmarking of the web pages. There are some design elements of web 1.0
HTML based Static page.
It consists of framesets.
Online guestbook.
HTML form sent through email.

The term Web2.0 was first introduced by OReilly during the brainstorming discussion MediaLive International. The information available in this form is quite different from the past web1.0. It began in 2002 with new ideas to exchange as well as share the content such as Wiki, Weblogs, Widgets, and Tagging etc.
Key difference between web1.0 and web2.0

In Web 1.0 it is only for read. But in web2.0 you can express yourself by writing.
The former was only for corporate bodies. And the later is about you and your communities.
In web.20 you not only interact with site and webmaster you can also communicate with others who access that website.
Web 1.0 was the age of one and only language i.e. HTML web 2.0 is the field of XML.
While web1.0 was depended on advertising, web 2.0 has been popularized by word of mouth.
Previously was meant for website but web 2.0 is not for site it is also about blogs.
In Web 1.0 there was nothing to exchange. Everything was about one way. Through the emergence of web 2.0 you can exchange your thoughts with other and easily converse with them.
The Web 3.0 could be defined as semantic web, personalization like iGoogle, My Yahoo etc.
The semantic web is a more developed extension of WWW. Wit the help of this technology the web content can be conveyed not only in form of natural language, but also be readable by software agent which letting them to locate, share and assemble information more easily. The concept comes out from Sir Tim Berners-Lee the director of W3C with the vision to make the web medium for exchanging the data, information knowledge.
Other features of web 3.0
It will be more portable and personal.
More focused on the preferences of individuals (Me-onomy)
Advertising oriented.
Widgets with drag and drop facilities.
Dynamic content.
User behavior, user engagement etc.
Though this technology not yet capture the whole web world. It has been spreading out slowly. Some big online business houses have started to follow the standard of web 3.0 few of them are,,, etc.
Some significant features of web 2.0 technology
Clean and Simple design
Number of columns is few.
Simple navigation which is fixed in every pages of the site.
Central layout