Open Source Vs Proprietary Web Platforms

In the fast growing industry of online software, web platforms are considered the foundation and more often than not, the success factor behind the most prominent creative service companies and their clients.

The major differences between all web platforms are the two key types, Open Source and Proprietary.

In the fast growing industry of online software, web platforms are considered the foundation and more often than not, the success factor behind the most prominent creative service companies and their clients.

The major differences between all web platforms are the two key types, Open Source and Proprietary.

Any business which is reviewing which web platform to use for their new website or to upgrade their existing should wisely weigh up the differences between these two types.

Why do we say be wise in choice? The answer is simple, if you decide on (or are sold) a web platform without assessing its features and power to be expanded or modified according to your business requirements now and in the future, you could be setting yourself up for serious loss or ongoing expenditure.


The difference between the two types of web platform is simple…


Open Source as a type of web platform, is primarily free software which is made available to the general public under a GNU (General Public License).

Open Source platforms are very popular with many developers and development companies, this is due to the flexibility, power and future proof benefits of Open Source.

Some of the most well known and used Open Source web platforms are Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal.The most popular and widely used platform by web developers to create websites and all sorts of web applications is Joomla! which is a Content Management System.

Open Source platforms range in their focus from Content management systems, eCommerce and even multimedia delivery.

One thing to remember about Open Source which is a common misconception is that even thought it is free software, it is not poor quality.

In fact it is very much the opposite, you will find with minimal research that Open Source is secure, reliable, flexible and has plenty of power to drive future enhancements for many years.


Proprietary systems are completely opposite to the basic structure of Open Source. That structure being that most if not all proprietary platforms have ongoing license fees which the user / client is expected to pay.

The license fees may not necessarily be paid by the end user or client but will be covered inside the cost of the company supplying the platform to develop and implement it.

License fees are normally included in the support or hosting fee and treated as normal.Some website design businesses even have their own proprietary web platform which they use for all their services, this is perfectly fine as long as you stay with them and the working relationship goes without a hitch.

Any business/forward thinking person would recognize the faults with this. If said person did not want to be supported by that particular company/platform any more it would mean redevelopment into an alternative, which involves more cost and is essentially starting from scratch.

Proprietary software in a lot of instances can be very good, there are a lot of powerful and feature rich proprietary web platforms out there which will fit the bill in a lot of customer cases, proprietary platforms range with focuses on CMS, eCommerce or multimedia.

Some Open Source web platforms are also proprietary; in this instance you get all the benefits of Open Source but pay license fees to use the software. Some of these solutions are similar to your SaaS web applications or products.


So after touching on both types of platform, the real question is, what do you need in a website and a web platform? Do you fit into the Open or Proprietary category as a business and as a customer?

The easiest thing for you as a customer would be to speak with a web design and development company that either supplies an Open Source platform, or Proprietary and choose accordingly.

Obviously either company will try to sell you their particular solution, so you need to identify your needs and ensure the solution on offer will meet those and potential future requirements.

What Do You Do When Your Website Is Blocked By Google Malware Warning

In a not very beautiful day, you visit your website and may suddenly see this warning “This website at (example) has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preference”. This is not a fictitious scenario; we have seen this problem hurt businesses time and time again and it just happened with our client a few days ago.

If you are a business owner, I bet you will feel the danger right away! This scary warning can immediately sweep away your frequent visitors, your online customers or anyone else who visits your site. Nobody will dare to visit or come back to a blocked website because they are worried that their computer can be infected with malware. Especially if you have an ecommerce website, you definitely would want this warning to disappear immediately.

But it won’t, unless you take the proper actions.

It is necessary to know why this can happen, how you can avoid it, or how to act quickly when you see this kind of warning.

This kind of warning, called Google Malware Warning, is issued by Google when it indexes your website and discovers that there is malware source code. This malware can be active and infect visitors who visit your website. Google then issues this warning to protect the visitors and prevent the malware to run in the visitors’ browsers. Firefox and Google Chrome browsers always show the warning, while many times Internet Explorer can still open the website.

How the malware can possibly land in your website? There are various possible reasons, including (1) your website has some security holes that make it vulnerable for Internet attacks (2) the server that your hosting company uses to host your website is infected with viruses and it affected every websites on that server (3) Google makes a mistake and gives a wrong warning!

How the malware can affect you and your visitors? There are also various types of malware, but in general, it may use your website as a node to attack another targeted website (known as Denial Of Service (DOS) attack), or copy itself to visitor’s computer and steal their information.

What should you do when you see such a warning? The first right thing is to call a web security professional immediately. Fixing web security problems is usually NOT something that business owners would like to try themselves. Meanwhile, there are a few actions you could take:

(1) You should scan your computer, your webmaster’s computer, and any computers that have access to your website files, for viruses and malware.
(2) You should change all passwords for ftp account, email account, and hosting account.
(3) You should request your hosting company to scan their own server to avoid this issue to happen to you again.

The web security expert will screen your website source code for suspicious malware source code and remove them. He/she will also should figure out how the malware can access your website, and fix the security problems.

Now, after your website is clean, you or your web security expert can request Google to unblock your website as soon as possible. There are 2 ways to do that:

a. Send a request via
b. Use Google Webmaster Tools () to Request a review. If you have not had an account, sign up for it and follow instruction to verify. This is simple and straightforward so I will not go into the details.

It may take a few days (2-7 days) for Google to come back and review your website and remove the warning. This is a bit frustrating as you have already done everything you could and still see your website blocked.

Tip: When writing the request to Google, make it this way: “The website is now 100% clean, and I’d like to have Google to unblock my website immediately as it is seriously affecting my business”. 90% of the cases your request will be unblocked fairly quick.

To avoid this situation, you should:
Find a good hosting for your website. Do not always look for low-cost host, but look for good track record, quick support and secure hosting service.
Choose a good website vendor. Good website vendors are familiar with popular attacks and can prevent known security holes right at the beginning of the website development process. Of course nobody can guarantee a 100% risk-free website (as hackers are also genius!) but it can prevent novice hackers from coming in and out of your website easily!

Seven Creative Web Design Sheffield Produce Quality Ecommerce Websites

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Choosing A Proficient Web Design Company In Kolkata

It is always important to have an attractive and appealing website because it is because of the website, people will know about your company. If you want to achieve success in your field then it is important to have an attractive website. Something that matters a lot when developing a website is the designing part. The website design should be good enough to attract visitors in huge number. As you are going to create a high quality website, the design should also be of high quality and for that it would be better if you can deal with a Kolkata web design company. Though there are available plenty of web design companies worldwide but nothing can serve you better than that of the Kolkata based companies.

You should always be careful when choosing web design company Kolkata. Kolkata is not a small place and is known for having plenty of web design and development companies. Almost all the companies have their own designing team who are responsible for handling the clients projects. They are been given the responsibility to interact with the clients and have an understanding about what they want and what exactly their requirement is.

If your business is in Kolkata, you can enjoy loads of benefits while interacting with a local web design company. The first and foremost benefit is speedy communication. It is always important to interact with your client so that you can get daily update about the project. It will become easier for you to communicate with a company nearby you. One of the biggest advantages is that the risk of a company cheating on you becomes less. It will also become easier for you to research about the company.

There are also several web design agencies from where you can take help. A local Kolkata web design company can direct you to the people that the company has worked with and who may become your potential customers that might require your products and services. There are various things that you should keep in your mind when selecting web design company Kolkata.

It is your responsibility to find out whether the company you are dealing with has proper experience or not. It is better not to deal with a new company as they donot have that much capability in the initial stage to handle big issues. Make sure that you are dealing with a experienced company so that you can get best of result.

Go through their previous work. It is always a better idea to check their earlier work to find out how the company is and what is its prospective. If you find out any issue while going through the previous works, it is better not to deal with that company.

It is important to find out what are the services that Kolkata web Design Company is providing. Website designing is not a matter of joke as it includes loads of factors to be considered. Only a professional and reliable designer can design a site carefully and beautifully. Hire a good company and enjoy better services.

Uniqueness of Web Design at Reno

Web Design Reno not only converts your inner most creative thoughts into the world of reality, but also assures a success and growth of any firm virtually.

Web Design Reno, called as a designer city of the world has a good collection of companies offering variety of distinct and creative designs to its customers. These companies create designs while keeping in mind the need and requirement of the people. These companies are flourishing by touching the innermost thoughts of the people and then putting these thought into action through the creation of innovative and discrete designs. These companies create introduction testimonials on their individual websites. Through their constant handwork and efforts, they have created most attractive websites in the area of Reno and Sparks. These companies also offer varieties of good web designs that include card printing, brochure and campaign.

Web Design Reno has a wide range of attractive web designs for its customers. There is uniqueness in the designs offered. It has different set of design for small as well as big firms. In case of small firms, Reno has many cost effective packages, which are apt according to their budget. It creates simple designs for smaller firms’ at the most affordable price. Today, any business firm requires a good and an attractive website to reach people worldwide. Reno not only speaks about the product, but also helps in the overall growth and success of any firm. Even an individual can share number of his/her personal experiences through photographs, videos and comments via good personalized website.

Thus, Web Design Reno, as a stylist and creative designer company has a vide range of services meant for any businessperson or any individual common person. In today’s competitive world, it is very important to have a well-designed website, which can enhance the growth of any firm, while keeping it abreast of all the other firms in the market. Reno not only creates good designs, but also sees to it that the designs reach the right customer and that too at the right time. Reno makes quality designs reach the people. These attractive designs offered by Reno create a long lasting impression in the minds of people. This further assures the sale of any product eventually.