Is Your Business an Asset or a Hindrance

Let’s talk about building your web design business…

You need to build an asset – from day 1.

Having an asset means you have a business you can sell to someone else and they can carry it on without you.

This is how small business owners can afford to take personal days, enjoy vacations and even retire.

Let me explain…

A big mistake small business owners make when they start their business is making themselves the center of everything.

Yes, they have their own business and they get to be the boss – but what they really have is a glorified job they have to show up to – or they don’t get paid.

Their business can never be sold because it revolves around them and needs them to function.

An asset on the other hand is more like a system, or a machine. You are only one part of the overall machine.

Should you get sick, need a vacation or want to move on, you can find someone else to do your part and you can still enjoy an income.

What Research About Families Can Teach You

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