How Is Responsive Web Design Impacting WordPress Themes

Responsive Web design’ has become a buzz word in the web arena these days. Almost every contemporary WordPress website is flaunting this advanced designing technique, adding to the number of websites that have gone responsive to woo customers. Literally, responsive web design refers to a technological breakthrough wherein HTML layout of a web page automatically adjusts its height and width according to the size of screen of the device on which it is viewed. Moreover, the designs can seamlessly integrate with any device using CSS that is written for a particular device. The HTML, however, remains the same across all devices.

Responsive websites don’t need a special hosting or server to run because it is a browser that renders responsiveness. Media queries and CSS3 are the main driving forces of responsive websites. Though Media Queries deal with the main aspects of responsive design, here we are discussing how WordPress themes are impacted by responsiveness. You can conduct a Google search and learn more about Media Queries.

Impact of Responsive Web Design on ROI

If you use responsive designing techniques in your website, your return on investment (ROI) is bound to increase. This is because the visibility of your site increases as it is equally accessible on all screen sizes- varying from a desktop, tablet to even a smart phone like android, iPhone etc. And all this is possible in just one go. No need of developing separate portals for separate interfaces. You need not knock at your developer’s door again and again to get a mobile-friendly website. Single development process ensures that your website is accessible across varying screens.

Really? Isn’t There Anything Fishy?

Definitely! Responsive web development is free from any kind of glitches or technical fallacies. However, you might need to use some plugins or enhancements to add exclusive functionalities based on the requisites of different individuals. At occasion, developers might also point out certain such glitches. For instance, touch-screen devices have special instants called Tap and Swipe but these are missing in case of non-touch screen devices. Responsive web design leverages a developer with some great functionality to develop mobile sites but can cost a bit more as compared to native and conventional websites.

Developing WordPress Theme into a Responsive Theme

Adding responsiveness to WordPress theme customization requires collaborative team effort. Responsive web development requires a completely different work culture. Individual efforts from designer or developer are not good enough. A synergy that comes when both work together, discuss the project requirement and implement upon it, does the needful.

Why Only WordPress?

Google search trends have given an insight that WordPress has topped the list of CMS that gained fame during 2012. WordPress is a designer-friendly platform that allows even an amateur designer, who knows nothing more than elementary PHP, to design themes on it. By associating with proficient WordPress theme developers, a designer can turn his creative inputs into innovative deliverables. For this reason, today you will find several responsive WordPress themes on sale over the web. It won’t be a surprise, if all WordPress themes become responsive in the near future.