Free Web Hosting, The Good, Bad And Ugly

Web hosting is certainly a costly affair and not all clients are in a position to spend good amount of money on it. The option of free web hosting seems to be quite lucrative in this scenario. Instead of going directly into the mainstream, it is surely a better way to test the waters. There are two types of free web hosting broadly:

Searching a company that offers free web hosting

Making a website on one of the free online services available on the internet, e.g. or,
While there is fair trend to go for free webhosting, we need to understand the good, bad and the ugly aspects of it. That helps in analyzing it better.

The good

There are a few points that emerge as the good about free web hosting:

  • It is absolutely free: Being a no cost service, it is the most ideal option for the beginners. The novice users need to invest time for building website and that is the only investment. It gives a testing ground and you can get the hands dirty with zero expenditure. That provides wonderful opportunity for experimenting and learning about various features related to web hosting.
  • Possibility to create unlimited websites: Services like WordPress give a chance to make unlimited web sites without paying a single penny. That gives a chance to test launch a product before going for the actual launch that demands huge resources.

The bad

There are some not so good points about the free web hosting:

  • It is not possible to host your own domain name: Free web hosting providers put the condition of including their name in the domain name you publish for the public. It is very obvious that including somebody elses name in the website address looks very odd and unprofessional. You will not be approached by the professionals in the field of your business. The email address reflects your identity and a free domain name may leave the feeling of spamming websites.
  • Unsure existence: You cant assure perpetual existence from web hosting sites that are free. They may vanish all of a sudden keeping you in soup. You would not only losing the website identity, but the valuable content as well.

The ugly

There are a few points that are vital for the website existence. These are not available in the free web hosting. These ugly points can ruin the business:

  • Limited or no technical support: Since you are getting web hosting services free, there shouldnt be expectance of good technical support. This is a critical factor during downtime, especially if you run a business that runs around the clock.
  • Annoying advertisements: Free web hosting companies put their advertisement on the website because of commercial reasons. This may be an irritating aspect for your customers and affects your company image. A professional website would never display pop-up, display ads or banners that are not related to your niche.
  • No control over the website: You have very limited or no control on the website since it is free. It is not possible to install the software, scripts or email accounts. Analysis of the website statistics is not possible to improve the performance.

The Key To Find Great Web Hosting

There is plenty of great web hosting out there nowadays. Technology and competition has driven the price of web hosting down over the past number of years, which makes it a great time to start a blog, personal website, or online business at a very low cost.

At the dawn of the internet many web users would acquire free web hosting for their personal use. Even today many free web hosts exist, but there are obvious drawbacks to free hosting solutions. The company providing the free web hosting usually is serving ads and making money off of the user’s valuable content.

Many users have chosen their own route and found significant income in starting blogs and online businesses by putting pay per click ads on their own websites hosted on a paid hosting plan which will allow them to maximize their income.

While the idea of setting up a website or blog may sound easy, one of the biggest obstacles for many can be finding the right web host; after all, you are paying for a service and want to get the best value for your dollar. There are many cheap options for web hosting out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all adequate solutions.

With that said, it is always important to do research. Reading web hosting reviews prior to making the purchase of a web hosting plan can be the difference between choosing a great web host and choosing a bad web host. Learning from other users” experiences with a particular web host can save you the time and money of having to learn for yourself which web hosts are good and which are bad.

The other factor Calder stresses users need to be weary of is the price of hosting. “In a rapidly changing industry, new web hosts are always emerging; competition is fierce and prices are always dropping. Consumers need to be aware of standard web hosting cost so they are not overpaying or getting ripped off simply because they didn’t know”.

New users shouldn’t worry though, there is plenty of free information online that will help you find exactly the web host you’re looking for, Calder is just one of many who can tell you all about it. “It doesn’t take long, we’ve helped countless people find great web hosting that they are still satisfied with to this day”.

In the end, the potential of the internet is almost endless. Getting online with your own blog or website can be intimidating at first, but armed with the right knowledge and information, it can be easier and less expensive than ever for just about anybody to get online.

Paid Website Domain Hosting Vs. Free Hosting

The internet is full to the brim with opportunities for those who want to setup shop online to start an internet business. However, much like a local business requires an address, a building, and floor space, an online business requires a domain name, hosting account, and storage space. While you may be tempted to take the ‘free website hosting’ route, it would be wise of you to avoid this all-too-common trap for new online business owners looking for a cheap website hosting solution.

Why you should avoid free website hosting.

Free website domain hosting is attractive to new online business owners for one reason — the price. However, while the initial out-of-pocket expense may be zero, the long-term costs in terms of time, and potentially your reputation, can make free web hosting one of the most expensive investments that you make for your online business. Additionally, once you move past the point of setting up your website to the point of promoting your website, what you will be doing is tantamount to footing the bill for upgrades and renovations on a property that you do not own.

See, when you setup a website with a free hosting account, you typically lack ownership and real control over the domain name and even the website template used for your website. This can have devastating effects on your online business for several reasons. For instance, if the free hosting provider goes offline, is compromised, or you chose to switch to a different hosting account provider later on down the road:

  1. You could lose your domain name.
  2. You could lose your website’s content.
  3. You could lose the right to use your website’s current template or theme.
  4. You will lose any benefits from your previous marketing tactics.

Furthermore, free website hosting plans, especially those that are ad-supported, speak volumes about your business opportunity, and even yourself as a person, to your website’s visitors. Unfortunately, they tend to convey a lack of professionalism, and if you happen to be promoting a ‘make money’ type opportunity, they hurt your business’ credibility even more than usual.

Benefits of choosing paid website domain hosting.

Paid website domain hosting, much unlike the free counterpart, is seen as the best option for those who are setting up a business on the internet. While they definitely have more up-front costs — scheduled hosting plan payments and annual domain registration fees — the long-term benefits far outweigh the minimal costs.

For instance, your domain name is not registered through a free hosting provider, which may be lost if you leave your current web host. Secondly, you are able to make regular backups with your own hosting account, and you can take your website design with you if you want to switch providers, so you will not have to worry about losing your data in the event of downtime, a security breach, or if your hosting provider quits the business.
Also, any marketing and promotional tactics that you employ for your own website domain name that you own outright will benefit you even if you switch hosting providers. Most importantly, however, is that having or lends much more credibility to your website and what it has to offer than or the like.

Credibility and control is key when you’re running an online business, and paid website domain hosting provides these benefits in abundance. It’s the same with just about everything in life — you get what you pay for, and when you pay nothing for something up front, the costs are usually substantial later down the road.

Web Hosting Comparison – Instant Guide For Newbie

There is a wide variety of hosting plans available on the market. You may still feel a little bit overtaken by the number of choices available. In this article, you’ll find some pros and cons of various hosting reseller packages and common plans for easy web hosting comparison.

Shared hosting plan

This is plausibly the most common plan you’ll find online. It features single domain hosting, on a shared server where CPU memory and disk storages are allocated with other users. You’re effectively share server resources merely with an allotted limit by your plan. Share hostings are cheap and affordable. Regular choices of hosting panels you’ll find include: cpanel, plesk, vhcs and directadmin etc. The hosting company includes it in the scheme.

Reseller hosting packages

For ambitious webmasters who want to run and keep multiple sites with separate hosting control panels, shared hosting plans will not be enough for their general usage. Parked and add-on domains are not better than an individual domain.

Reseller hosting software lets you create hosting panels, usually with no limit in number. With your hosting service you can make money. It can generate a steady and passive income.
There are many resller hosting opportunities.

Master hosting reseller

As the name suggests, this lets you create reseller accounts. For example if you are using the WHM/cpanel environment, you can create WHM reseller accounts from your master control panel. Unquestionably you can still share the same profits as aforementioned plans. Not much investment is required for the web hosting firm. Zamfoo reseller with WHM can help you achieve the necessary setting in master reseller hosting. Alternatively WHMPHP.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

If you want maximum control over server environment without installing everything from scratch, you may be entangled in VPS option. This grants you shell access to server admin, as if you owned a remote PC operating around the clock. You can expect high degree of freedom over the CPU usage, because activity by other webmasters will not interfere with the performance. However, VPS may not come cheap, especially in high-end servers.

Dedicated server

An option for serious webmasters. They come without configuration. You need to put in programs yourself. Dedicated server has independent space. Despite the highest degree of entree, dedicated server is also the most expensive choice.

Advantages of PSD Website Templates

Free Mockup Psd is a graphic designing platform that proffers amazing things with the latest image editing software. It simply implies that this one application may costs very well even more than the operating system or hardware used to operate it.

Undeniably, the accomplishment of a website is tangled with its functionality and design. Easy course plots the web pages from the stress free completion of the e-commerce transaction, for which the visitor is there on the site are supplementary requirements to prop up the site’s success.

Google really adores with the high speed websites. A fast website is considered as a superior website on which the visitor’s traffic increases day by day automatically. It is just an excellent web design resource in the online world for commercial as well as personal projects. Anyone can design a vibrant website by himself within a precise time structure.

PSD Templates Free Download is available at different websites and every user will definitely be elated after using this free service. Here you will get the same functionality as Photoshop software and that is completely free for anyone to download. It’s open source availability that one can get at any time and at any place freely.

It is simple to use, reliable and proffers most of the features desired for a standard user. Lots of prominent quality websites have been generated using PSD templates. With the intensification of technology development in internet marketing, there is a separate commerce affianced in this service group.

PSD templates website is an online store podium that proffers a free Homepage Mockup with marvelous quality of diverse themes. As web design and development services are taken up as an ample project, under one sunshade that is email templates. Email marketing which is an imperative medium in the web development; thus every visitor will positively get this email template here free of cost.

All the attention grabber or gimmicks related to Photoshop documentation is also a frightening task; but the PSD templates makes it easier by providing the free web UI kits. The elements of the websites like Google, yahoo, Facebook, bing, etc. simply portrays the magnitude of a quality web design. And an idea on this perspective is used as a reference to heave the awareness of the possibilities one can incorporate in making his/her web design uniquely.

Summing up the entire daunting task concludes that PSD templates have all the web designing solutions to enhance looks of the website.

Buy Website Templates – Providers Like Template Monster With Minimal Effort!

Since the birth of computers and operating systems, it seems like everyone and their mom and dad have a website these days? For example, take local and national television commercials, have you noticed how often they display various products and/or services and how each one has a website which includes their web address prominently displayed? In most cases, all you would actually see is their web address in bold letters and then their 1-800 number for ordering purposes. Let me give you another example, like the TV commercial often televised, the famous “” and hundreds more like it. Well you too can have your very own website and all you would need to do is buy website templates that are professionally designed and pre-made. Basically one that is ready for prime time use!

Speaking of web design, I’m assuming you want the easy route of owning a website with minimal effort right? Well, in today’s time, that is highly possible for you to do so, but of course you can always design your own website from scratch but why bother? Especially, when you have hordes of professional template service providers like Template Monster, Dream Templates and others alike that can provide you with sleek premium web design templates that are ready to use with little to no designing skills for you to know and learn.

There are literally hundreds of template options available for you to choose from, but there are only a few top quality template service providers that offer a wide array of design choices and styles like (e.i. Joomla, Flash, HTML, Swish, CSS and others). Also, web template categories can range from many of the most popular industries like “health and fitness”, “legal”, “Realty”, “Internet & Computers” and many more! However, there are some templates that will require a little technical/coding knowledge, but those are more advanced and of course will cost a little more to obtain and own.

Just like most people, who don’t have a clue about website coding, design layouts etc, perhaps buying website templates is the overall best answer for you! There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sleek web 2.0 design templates to choose from. If you do a quick search, I can assure that you will find a suitable service provider within your template design needs and budget. If you are not sure which ones to trust and use, try finding and using a “Review Site” which would help narrow down your options by providing you with a quick company overview, pricing points, etc.

Buying professionally designed web site templates most will normally come with a set of instructions specific to that template design. Some may require a simple copy and paste of code that would have been already written for you. Others may just point out different ways you can enhance or modify an existing template. The neatest thing about HTML web templates specifically, is that you can quickly and easily build or add to the existing template design for a more customized look. Or you can just use it as is with no changes at all! One final note, please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the site you plan to buy website templates from, especially before buying and using a specific template. This way you will know what to do in case a template is faulty by design.