A Cheap Vps Hosting To Save Your Money

If you own a commercial or business website that typically gains a high traffic then a dedicated servers are first choice but those are quite expensive not a suitable option for your website. In this condition virtual server hosting is the best alternative to a dedicated server. It is an ideal hosting service for all those who wants a flexibility and freeness that cant be found in shared hosting.

Virtual Private Server is well known hosting service in which a large server is separated into small different servers and its functions as independent hosting servers. Each VPS has its own resources like disk space, operating system, RAM, bandwidth and resources which are isolated from each other. You can also update its configuration any time with needs and requirements.

At present there are various companies available who provide cheap vps servers and hosting plans with 24*7 customer support service. One of such type of hosting provider is AlphaVBox.com that deals with the best services and features at affordable prices. They fulfill all the requirements of customers by providing various hosting plans and services as per to your requirement. They also provide data backup facility for the clients with the security of the server by implementing firewall protection. This thing ensures that you will be protected from any unauthorized access. In addition, it also deals with all server maintenance needs which guarantees that instant assistance is available at the time of any technical problem. These things give highest return on the investment done by you. This company can be choose for cheap vps hosting with the benefits of larger memory and disk space, higher bandwidth and 24*7 technical assistance.

There are basically two types of VPS:

  1. Unmanaged VPS
  2. . Managed VPS

If you prefer unmanaged VPS then you will get full root access of the hosting server that means you have the freedom to use and customize the server as per your needs and it is cost effective as well. This can guarantee that you can install or uninstall any software application or service any time. The server can also be modified according to the convenience of the client in virtual private servers. On the other hand if you choose managed virtual private server hosting all configuration and server management done by hosting provider, you just need to specify your requirements such as Operating System, software applications and plug-ins to install. But in terms of cost it is very expensive than unmanaged hosting. And if you have little bit experience of web hosting then you should go with unmanaged VPS which is cost efficient and more flexible.

The hosting plans of the company are basically based on services and features offered by them with cost and duration. There could be monthly or yearly plans that various with different factors like type of OS, processor, RAM, traffic bandwidth, a number of dedicated IP addresses, different control panels, etc.

Virtual server hosting has totally changed the way of web hosting. It’s getting very popular in the world due to its flexible service and cheap cost. It could be the best choice for business owner or personal user who needs flexibility in server for hosting a website. If you are still using a shared hosting or want to buy a server then I will recommend you to choose Virtual private server hosting.